Anti Aging Products and Fragrances Don’t Go Together

Aging bedevils us all and so many people, as they age, want to find a solution to looking older and feeling older. For this reason there is a massive market in anti aging products. Aging people, however, are usually unaware that many anti aging skin care products on the market today contain ingredients which may be damaging to their health. Fragrances are a good example.Estimates are that there are some around 4000 different fragrances used in so many of the personal products that we use today including anti aging skin products. After all everyone wants to smell nice and it’s well known that adding a fragrance to a personal product helps it sell. So what’s the problem with smelling nice when you’re applying the latest anti aging skin care product?The problem is that most fragrances are chemicals produced in the laboratory. There’s nothing inherently wrong with chemicals produced in the laboratory as long as they are safe for us to use however the reality is that studies have shown that many fragrances have potentially damaging health effects which might scare you if you were aware of them.That’s not to say that all fragrances are risky, for example there are some excellent essential oils that make nice fragrances and which are safe to use. However these are usually much more expensive than the chemical alternatives and so the chemical alternatives go into those skin care products that you will see on the shelves of your store.If you search the Cosmetic Safety Database you’ll see that fragrances are linked to cancer, immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity, allergies, disruption of the endocrine system, irritation to the eyes and skin and lungs and more.When you apply that latest moisturizer that smells so nice to your skin you are covering a reasonably large area of your skin with the chemical fragrance. Your skin absorbs the fragrance and it gets into your system just as if you ate it.Of course the same will apply to so many of our perfumes however at least when you apply a perfume you do so in only small amounts. Skin care products are applied over a quite large area of your skin.If this is news to you it may come as a shock. Unfortunately so many of the beauty, personal and anti aging products that so many of us take for granted contain a wide range of chemical ingredients which are potentially dangerous and which we are not warned about. Fragrances are only the start.Some small anti aging companies have seen an opportunity here. One in particular now commits to using no fragrances at all in its products for this very reason. And in fact they commit to making anti aging products that are safe enough to eat.The market for anti aging skin care products is worth billions of dollars and it’s a case of buyer beware. Though there may be studies showing the risks to so many ingredients in anti aging products the skin care companies are unlikely to warn you about them.Visit my website to learn more about dangerous ingredients in anti aging skin care products and about safe (and effective) alternatives.

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